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Brittany Hayward

The Plastic Flamingo Owner, Writer, Trainer and Speaker


Brittany holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The Art Institute Of Chicago and is dedicated and passionate about PMU. Brittany’s technique is one of a kind, and shaped in a way to formulate for each individual artist to take and make their own to fit their clients and style.

She hhas opened her next class for October 2022 (October 11-16th) to train local + non local artists her tips and tricks into the world of permanent make up. Brittany Hayward is going to be offering this PMU class to a minimum of 2, maximum of 6 people. Over the course of 6 days, Brittany will be offering courses on Color Theory, Mapping of the Brows, Sanitation, Machine Handling, Tray Set Up, Social Media + Marketing, and more. While the class is intense, and requires consistent focus, Brittany teaches in a way that eases you into the course until you fully understand what she’s trying to explain.

The studio is based at: 1464 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 and you will find several hotels within a 10 minute drive if needed during your course. 

In this PMU course, you will be working on fake skin, and eventually working with a live model (which is why you need a blood borne pathogen certificate to participate).

You can expect to be at her studio (The Plastic Flamingo) in Daytona Beach, Florida between the hours of 11am-7pm daily*. Please note you must be on time, and ready to jump into the course upon arrival. She will be going over all things brows, powder, microblading and nano brows; so you will not want to miss this.

*Lunch is provided daily by Brittany

This course is available to anyone with a passed blood borne pathogens certificate, local or non local residents. This welcomes all experience levels whether you are new into the world of PMU, or, already working and just wanting a refresher and/or fresh teaching.

There is a $500 non refundable retainer required to hold your spot, and she will be offering two packages to select from for your course. This fee will go towards your final cost, due the day of your first class paid via cash or card. Please note I do NOT offer payment plans for this course.

$3000 ($500 retainer) includes the course, without the machine.
$4000 ($500 retainer) includes the course, and full kit, including machine + ink.

Please come prepared to your class to learn and have the tools necessary to take notes, photos/recording, etc., to ensure you are getting the best of your course and can look back if needed on anything.

Please note while there is not an age limit, you must have your blood borne pathogens certification at the time of the course. You can take this course online and it takes roughly an hour and costs between $20-40. You should come willing to follow proper sanitization and safety protocols. 

Successfully completing this course does give you a licensing to begin working as a PMUA. But does not give studio licensing. This course is simply for educational purposes only and should not be taken under the assumption you are given a certificate for Permanent Make up.

Additional Dates: December 6th-11th

This can be booked via our vagaro link by clicking here.

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