Non Laser Permanent Hair Removal

This is a unique hair removal technique now offered at The Plastic Flamingo. FDA approved, patented European professional hair removal system that continues to give long lasting results without the use of lasers.

Unlike lasers, even those with very light toned hair are able to receive this treatment.

This technique is used alongside waxing, and can be done on all skin + hair types. It is also completely safe to be done anywhere on the body, including over tattoos, without risk of scarring, burning, or skin discoloration.

To see your desired results, it may take anywhere from 3, to 10 treatments – however, you should see results after your first appointment. As you continue using our hair removal service, you’ll notice hair growth reduces overtime, giving a similar result as if you had booked for laser hair removal. The reason for this, is because works with your natural hair growth, but overtime, slows that growth as it targets your follicles.

This technique and service is available for face, intimate care, and body care. It’s available to all genders and age groups.

This formula is scientifically developed to treat each area of the body such as (but not limited to): face, chest, toes, armpits, eyebrow, hands, intimate areas, shoulders, etc.,.

There are many pros to using our hair removal service when comparing it to Laser Hair Removal.

1. Can be used on all hair colors, including blonde and red.
2. Pain free: This service does not cause any burning sensations. Unlike a wax, this serum does not pull on your skin.
3. 80% effective in stopping hair growth.
4. No risk of scarring, burning, or skin pigmentation.
5. Can be used over tattoos.


Q: How does this compare to laser or electrolysis?
A: The results are comparable to laser and electrolysis with the distinct advantages of being less painful, less expensive, and effective for all hair colors and skin types.
Q: Who can receive treatments?
A: Women and Men of all ages including teenagers, with any hair type or skin color, can safely and successfully use this treatment. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation and the natural ingredients help nourish & soften skin.
Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: The average person requires approximately 8-10 treatments depending on hair type & rate of growth. Hair growth cycles are 3-6 months and treatments must continue through each cycle without interruption for a reduction in frequency.


Once your service is complete, please avoid showering/swimming for a minimum of 6 hours. Avoid post-wax treatments such as lotions, perfumes, deodorants, creams, etc.,

Please consult before booking if you currently have an on-going skin sensitivity/irritation, or skin that is damaged. This treatment includes active ingredients which may not be suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an active thyroid disorders. We do not recommend this service if currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.