Facial Services

Tighten and Tone Microcurrent Facial

This is a facial treatment that tightens and smooths facial muscles in the skin to give a lifted and rejuvenated appearance! It’s like a 24 hour face lift. It includes painless electrocurrent that are impulsed through the muscles in the skin to tone the face. If you’re wanting to soften the appearance of wrinkles then this is perfect for you.


An exfoliating treatment for removing dead skin build up and peach fuzz. This helps with better product penetration and smoother application of makeup. It’s great alternative to chemical peels for someone with sensitive skin or rosacea.

Facial Mask

This is an Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Mask. Very soothing for the skin, hydrates the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

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Bay Rosenke Esthetician