Groove Cruise Miami Tattoos by The Plastic Flamingo

The Plastic Flamingo will be tattooing on Groove Cruise! We will be first tattooers to ever tattoo at a cruise ship music festival! We will also be tattooing outside of the country!! It’s such a honor to be included in such an amazing historical Groove Cruise Year. This will be Groove Cruises 20th year and their biggest line up yet that also includes us! You’ll see us there January 24-28th with special one of a kind Groove Cruise and Dj themed flash. Our famous Gumball machine will also be on deck. We can’t wait to meet everyone’s beautiful happy faces and sing and dance along with you.

Groove Cruise 2024 Tattoo Artist The Plastic Flamingo.  Brittany Hayward, Sydney Hummel, Natalie Cooper and Arianna Elise.

Groove Cruise

January 2024

The World’s Largest Premier Floating Dance Music Fest

Meet your tattoo artist:

Brittany Hayward

Sydney Hummel

Natalie Cooper

Of course! Here are some specific Groove Cruise inspired flash tattoo ideas:

  1. *Turntable and Vinyl Record*: A stylized turntable with a spinning vinyl record, perhaps incorporating a flamingo.
  2. *Tropical Palm Trees with Headphones*: Combine the beachy vibes with music elements.
  3. *Anchor with Music Notes*: A fusion of maritime and musical symbols.
  4. *Neon Dance Party Scene*: Capture the vibrant nightlife atmosphere of the cruise.
  5. *Ocean Wave with DJ Mixer*: Symbolizing the cruise’s unique blend of music and ocean adventure.
  6. *Gumball Machine with Music Symbols*: A nod to your famous gumball machine, infused with musical elements.
  7. *Sunset Silhouette with DJ Decks*: Incorporate a beautiful sunset backdrop with DJ equipment.
  8. *Cruise Ship with Dancing Crowd*: Depict the iconic cruise ship surrounded by a lively party scene.
  9. *Flamingo DJ*: A whimsical blend of maritime and music, featuring a flamingo DJing.
  10. *Sailboat with Soundwaves*: Combine the serenity of sailing with the energy of music. Remember, each design can be personalized to reflect your unique artistic style. These ideas should hopefully spark some creativity for your special Groove Cruise flash tattoos! 🎨🚢🎶