Our Policies

The Plastic Flamingo has a policy of being accepting and encouraging towards the presence of people of every gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, religion, age and type. Our studio and its staff will do our utmost to ensure that every person entering our space feels comfortable, free, in possession of their own privacy and will to share or not share. Any reasonable request that they have in relation to this will be validated, respected and accommodated where possible.

The Plastic Flamingo commits to maintain an environment that will never contribute to the erasure of any identity or expression and will actively provide a space and attitude that seeks to enthusiastically accommodate any person with any identity or needs, within reason. Our studio will treat every patron or visitor with respect, dignity and an approach that recognizes their identity, if they would like that identity to be recognized.  

The Plastic Flamingo ensures that every person that steps into our studio feels accepted and safe. If at any point a client is uncomfortable in the studio or during a service make an administrative staff member aware of the situation.

CLIENT CONFIRMATION: Our computer system will email you a confirmation of your tattoo appointment. Please reconfirm by replying to the message.

NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE: A booking fee of 30% of what your expected tattoo or beauty service cost will be is what is needed to hold a date for your service. This fee comes off the total cost of your service in the end. Booking fees expire one year from the day they were paid. If you decide to pay in full ahead of time or a higher deposit, that is also non-refundable. Your appointment will not be booked until the booking fee is paid.

RESCHEDULE POLICY: We understand that life can happen and plans need to change therefore we ask for a minimum of a 48 hour notice to reschedule. We offer a one time courtesy reschedule with the artist of your choice as long as we were notified 48 hours before your appointment time. Appointments that have met the 48 hour rule need to be rescheduled before the day and time of the original appointment. Some leniency may be made with this as we understand no one means to break a leg the day of their appointment.
Please note we are not in the studio on Mondays.
If you’re trying to reschedule a Wednesday appointment please do so by 7pm on Sunday.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel your appointment and do not reschedule / are not within the 48 hour window of rescheduling, you will forfeit the 30% booking fee.

LATE POLICY: Please note that if you are over 15 minutes late to your appointment we may have to reschedule your service if it cannot be completed in the remaining time frame. All attempts to reschedule in a timely manner will be made. The client will be charged 30% for the last minute cancellation.  If you arrive unprepared by not having ID or other needed items that delay the appointment, there may not be an adequate amount of time for your service and you will lose your deposit.  

If you show up having a sunburn, bruising or scratches etc.  on the area to be tattooed, have been drinking or are under the influence of a drug, you will  NOT be tattooed and will lose your booking fee.

CLIENT PROTECTION POLICY: The Plastic Flamingo values your time and feels it is fair to honor the same policies we hold our clients to. Should we have to cancel your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances with less than 48 hours notice we will honor 30% off of your next identical service and all attempts to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner will be made. 

 ARTIST AVAILABILITY: Some artists have a longer waiting period than others due to higher demands for their work. Please realize that each artist is only one person and can only do a certain amount of work in one day.  Some artists may be unavailable for new appointments from time to time depending on their workload. It is always smart to book ahead of time or pre book at your last appointment.

RE-DESIGN FEE: Smaller changes being requested are part of the process and no costs will be associated with them. But In the chances that a client originally states ie: they want a skull with roses back piece and the artist  spends 15 hours drawing a skull with roses and then the day before the client changes their mind and asks for a T-Rex on a skateboard.
In this case a new non refundable booking fee will be needed to cover the time spent on the drawing. If the design is what you requested and you change your mind or large scale changes are requested, then you are charged a redesign fee. If the entire design must be redone, then the full amount of the drawing fee must be paid again as it is a new design.

If a few smaller changes are requested, then fees are lower than a full redesign. Minor changes are free.

WALK-INS: We have very limited availability for walk-ins, only 1-2 openings most days. These openings go extremely fast and so we are only able to accommodate on a first come first served basis. There is no guarantee you will get a same day appointment. If you are looking for a same day appointment check out our online booking site or call the studio at 386-262-4042.

CONVENTION CLIENTS: We love doing conventions and can’t wait to be in your town. A 50% non refundable booking fee will be needed to hold your convention date. Cancellations and no-shows are subject to 100% of the appointment cost. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment as lines are typically long. The Plastic Flamingo will be your first tattoo within a weeks time span of the date of your appointment.
Booths are small so no extra guests will be permitted within the booth. Clear communication is needed as designs/colors are not able to be changed once we have left The Plastic Flamingo. (Typically a week beforehand).

REFUND POLICY: At The Plastic Flamingo we pride ourselves on exceptional quality of work. We will do our best to ensure all guests are satisfied with their service. Due to unforeseen variables we understand that sometimes things do not go as expected. Please reach out to the studio within 48 hours of your service if any adjustments need to be made. While adjustments can be made, no refunds will be issued and we will do our best to schedule adjustments in a timely manner.  

MINIMUM CHARGE POLICY: Our shop minimum covers the time and expense of a sanitary set up and clean up of the equipment and procedure area as well as single use supplies necessary to provide a clean and safe tattoo. Our minimum is the absolute lowest amount we will charge for any tattoo.  This applies per person getting tattooed, per session.  If you are getting a tattoo of one tiny heart, the cost will be the minimum.
  If you and a friend are getting matching tiny heart tattoos, the cost for each of you will be the minimum each.  If you want multiple tiny tattoos on your body at the same tattoo session, you will be charged a flat rate (so if you want multiple tiny tattoos, it is more cost effective for you to get more than one at a time).

TOUCH UP POLICY: Here at The Plastic Flamingo we take pride in every piece that walks out of our studio no matter how big or small it is.  If a touch up is needed for a tattoo please let the studio know within 4 weeks of the date that you received the tattoo.  If you have followed all proper aftercare no additional charge will be applied.  However, if after the piece is fully healed and you were the cause of improper healing charges may apply. (Ie: Swimming, Sun damage, using improper soaps, improper ointment, pet exposure, dirty sheets, picking at the tattoo while healing…..etc.)

It is the duty of the customer to notify the studio if they are having a rough heal and have not healed by the four week mark. We will not be responsible for doing finger, inner lip, face, behind the ear, neck, elbows, feet, and/or hand tattoo touch-ups free of charge, due to the fact that the client is told beforehand that the tattoo will be on a surface area that fades quickly (due to the oils on the skin). If clients would like those particular tattoos to be touched-up, we will gladly do so, but at the normal rate of the original tattoo. All touch ups must be performed at The Plastic Flamingo 1464 west international speedway blvd. Daytona Beach, Florida 32114.

Many permanent make-up procedures take two  or more sessions. Permanent makeup perfection sessions are priced at $150 for appointments booked between weeks 4-8. All permanent makeup clients with existing work done by another studio will be considered a new client and will need to book in for a procedure appointment and not a perfection session.

GUEST ARTISTS: If you receive a tattoo from a guest artist and need a touch up and they are no longer in the area. Reach out to the shop.

MINORS: Per Florida State laws we will not tattoo any minor under the age of 16. If you are between the ages of 16-17 you are required to fill out a FL state minor tattoo consent form and you are your guardian must get it notarized. When you arrive for your appointment, your guardian must be present with the notarized consent form, your ID and their ID. The minor and the guardian must have either matching last names or matching addresses.
  If you do not have all of this at the time of your appointment, we will have to reschedule you and charge a new booking fee. Please note that all artist’s are subject to denying service to a minor if they are not comfortable with design or placement.

EXTRA PERSONS POLICY: We understand that finding caretakers for individuals who rely on you can be hard. We request that you do not bring any extra people with you to your appointment as we are limited on space in a studio. This includes children of all ages. If you and a friend or family member would like to be booked together for your services please reach out to The Plastic Flamingo for special accommodations as this is usually an easy request to honor.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We are a 100% disposable, one-time use shop. This means all our tattoo supplies are one-time use and disposable except for our tattoo machines. This greatly reduces any risk of cross contamination. All artists are blood borne pathogens trained & certified. All artists hold a Florida tattoo license. Please be aware of cross contamination. Do not touch your fresh tattoo during your session. Do not let anyone else touch your tattoo either! Do not touch any of the tattoo equipment or work space.

NUMBING CREAM: Please do not use your own numbing cream. We have numbing for purchase at the studio if needed. Many numbing creams that can be purchased without a license are counterfeit and contain ingredients that can change your skin’s texture. Others contain epinephrine that can cut off the blood flow to your skin and impair your healing.

SERVICE REFUSAL: We may refuse to perform our services on clients that we deem unfit for undergoing the tattooing process for safety reasons. This includes all clients who are pregnant, under the influence, on certain medications or minors.

PAYMENT: We accept most forms of payment here at The Plastic Flamingo.  We take cash, card and contactless payment methods. We do not take checks. We also require a physical copy of the debit/ credit card you’re paying with, we will not charge the card on file when checking out your appointment.

GIFT CARD POLICY: You may purchase a gift card from us in store. We also sell gift cards online or over the phone.  Gift cards are not specific to one artist but they can be specific to a service. You may use the gift card toward any artist employed at the shop at the time of your scheduled appointment. Gift cards can be applied to a booking fee. Gift cards are non-refundable and may not be returned.  All sales are final.

KIDS: We do not allow children within the treatment rooms under any circumstances. We have very limited seating  within our studio and no one who can keep an eye on your kids. We have biohazard waste, needles and other medical/ tattoo equipment around. So we ask that you do not bring your children with you to your appointment and we can/ will refuse service if we or the artist do not feel comfortable.

CONSULTATIONS: We do not require an appointment for getting a quote and discussing tattoo ideas with an available artist or front desk staff. You are welcome to come in during our shop hours (Tuesday-Sunday 11am- 7pm) to speak with an artist. If you would like a full uninterrupted 30 min consultation then we do recommend booking an appointment. There is a $50 charge on consultation appointments. This will be applied to your final tattoo appointment when you book. The charge will only be applied to the tattoo that was discussed at the consultation. If you change your mind / want something else you will forfeit the $50 payment.

IDENTIFICATION: In order to get a tattoo at The Plastic Flamingo, you must present a valid, state issued ID per FL state law. Your identification must be current (not expired) and you must present it at the beginning of your appointment.  Acceptable forms of valid ID include: State-issued driver’s license or state-issued identification card, Resident alien card, Passport, Military identification card.

PREGNANCY: If you are pregnant or breast-feeding we can not tattoo you. We can set up a consultation to discuss a tattoo for when you are not pregnant or breast-feeding. If you already have an appointment booked and then find out you are pregnant before the appointment date, let us know and we can save the booking for when you can get tattooed or transfer it to a beauty service that is safe for you.

MEDICATION: If you are on any blood or skin care medication, please contact a doctor before receiving a tattoo. If you are taking Accutane, we can NOT tattoo you. This medication can cause your skin to scar and make it harder for ink to saturate your skin. Do not use over the counter painkillers, alcohol, or other drugs before or during the procedure, these can cause an increase in bleeding. We do not recommend using any numbing that is not FDA approved and highly suggest using what you can purchase at the shop.

SCARS, BLEMISHES & ABRASIONS: Scars may be tattooed over if they have been healed for a minimum of one year.  Fresh scars, partially healed scars, open wounds, scabs, and bruises may not be tattooed over or even nearby, if there is a risk of wiping any product into the wound.

DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: We do ask that you arrive at your appointment clean, sober and in a clear headspace. Get plenty of sleep the night before, have a nice full meal before your appointment, and drink plenty of water. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that makes it easy for the artist to access the area being tattooed.

SICK / COVID POLICY: If you are feeling sick before your appointment / are having any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you call the shop ASAP and let us know, as we will work with you to reschedule your appointment.
Please DO NOT bring your sickness into the shop. We do have masks available if anyone would like to wear one during their service, as you will be very close to the artist. If any of the artists aren’t feeling well, they will reach out to you to reschedule, as we also do not want them in the studio when they are sick.  

TRAVEL: Our artists are available to travel for guest appearances. Please note, we do not guarantee a return for touch-up appointments on our procedures done abroad. For future appointments, please prepare to make travel arrangements to our studio in Daytona.

LASH / SKIN CARE POLICIES: Clients must have at least 40% of their lashes left to get a fill. If you have less then it should be booked as a full set. Pre booking your next appointment for lashes is strongly recommended as we can not guarantee last minute availability and it might cause you to not qualify for a fill. For the best results / retention our esthetician provides aftercare instructions and we strongly recommend purchasing lash shampoo and using it as instructed.  
Foreign fills (Lashes from another salon/ lash artist) will be a $10 upcharge. You must still have at least 40% of lashes. You must arrive at your appointment with clean lashes to ensure adhesion/ application.

WAXING POLICIES: You need to have at least 14 days of growth before your wax appointment. If you are on any skincare medication you can not receive a wax, this include retin- A, Accutane, differin and Tazorac. If you are on your menstrual cycle during a Brazilian appointment just make sure you wear a fresh tampon to your appointment.