Permanent Makeup (PMU)

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the process of tattooing pigment in the skin to give a makeup look. We offer multiple permanent makeup services at The Plastic Flamingo such as Powder Brows, Nano Brows, Microblading, Foxy Eyeliner, Winged Eyeliner, Classic Eyeliner, Lash Line Enhancement, Lip Blushing and Freckles. Each of these services provide a different makeup look and may be more suitable for certain clients. We currently have two permanet makeup artist here at the Plastic Flalmingo. When booking your appointment look at Brittany Hayward‘s and Judy Barrera’s schedule to book these services.

Nano Brows are a technique that uses a single needle to achieve the look of hair strokes. Nano brows are done with a machine making this type of brow suitable for most skin types. If you have very oily or larger visible pores you would not be a good candidate for nano brows. With visible pores its easier for pigment to spread causing an undesirable blurred look to the brow. Oily skin will cause Nano brows to fade much quicker than a powder brow. Nano brows and microblading give off the same visual look but nano brows typically need to be touched up less frequently. This process typically takes about two and a half hours. You will be numbed during the process. Similar to powder brows it is typically low on the pain scale. With nano brows you may decide you would like a perfection session. Just like a tattoo on the body tends to slightly widen and blur out over time, so will nano brows. As your cells continue to regenerate they don’t always regenerate in the same exact location on your body, this is what causes the widening of each hair stroke over time. Ultimately over a few years of time they will end up appearing a lot like powder brows in the end.

Combo brows are the mix of the powder brows and either nano brows or microblading. It gives off a natural hair with filled in with makeup look. This technique is good for clients who have a dryer skin type with no large visible pores. Combo brows are great for women who have had trauma to an eyebrow creating scarring and missing hair, thinning or sparce eyebrows, Women who have overplucked and want to have a more natural appearance. People who have had a previously underlying health issue who lost their brows and want to have a natural look. Combo brows typically take around three hours to achieve the desired look and you will be numbed so it is typically a low pain process. The majority of clients who choose the combo brow look typically choose to come in for a perfection session and may want yearly perfection sessions.

As far as Microblading goes, only about 5% of people are great clients for the microblading process. To be a great candidate you need to have dry skin and no visible pores on your face. If you have oily skin, combination skin, wrinkles, visible pores, any existing damage to your skin, scarring, any type of skin condition or are on certain medications you will not be a good candidate for the Microblading process. If you are a candidate for microblading the procedure typically takes about 2 hours. The microblading procedure is done with a hand tool instead of a machine. Microblading is closer to the surface of the skin because it is implanted using a hand tool. Microblading clients typically need top ups every 6 months to a year. Microblading is the best choice for someone who isn’t sure if they want permanent make up because of the quick fade out. If you are indecisive about wanting permanent, make up and want to go for a test run before making a commitment that will last for a few years then, Microblading is the best choice. However, for most people there are better options for permanent eyebrows. Similar to all other brow types your facial bone structure will be used to design the best shape possible for your face. We will pick out a custom color based on your hair color and skin undertones. You will be numbed the entire process, but the procedure sometimes is more painful than other types of permeant eyebrows. All microblading clients will need a perfection session that needs to be booked out a minimum of four weeks after the appointment. Microblading does require top ups every 6 months to a year, Thus in the end also making it the most expensive type of permanent brow to upkeep.

With any permanent brow service, the initial healing typically takes about 2 weeks, but you won’t see your final fully healed results until one-two months down the road based on your age. As you age your skin regeneration is slower so the younger you are the quicker you will see your healed bloomed results. The day we do the procedure your eyebrows will have the most redness in them, but don’t worry you will still be fine to go about your day afterwards. There should be no down time with any of the brow procedures.  The second day after getting your brows done, they will appear the darkest, and as the days pass they will start to heal and start to appear lighter. As your skin heals it will heal much like a typical body wound, you may go through phases where they are itchy and they may flake for a few days. Your skin will grow over the procedure area making the brows appear very light as if your new brows have vanished. The younger you are the quicker this process is the older you are the slower this process is. Once you have had a full skin regeneration cycle you will see your final results. They will bloom and your true healed color will come out. I like to think of the healing process as a roller coaster. You start at the bottom when you come in as a blank canvas. You then go up the hill the day you get your new brows. The next day you will be at the top of the rollercoaster meaning your brows will be the darkest. Over the next few weeks you be on the down side of the roller coaster where your brows will appear the lightest. As your skin regenerates you will see your final healed results and your roller coaster ride will come to an end. At this point if you have decided you want a perfection session it can be booked at this point.

Permanent eyeliner is a procedure that uses pigment to create a line mimicking the look of eyeliner. This line can remain in your skin forever, however as time goes on your body can potentially metabolize the ink causing it to disappear. This service may require multiple sessions to achieve your desired outcome. The ink used in this technique is different than typical body ink. Its molecules are designed to be thicker than a traditional tattoo in to prevent the spreading of the ink. A permanent eyeliner tattoo can be thin and run through your lash line or be bolder thickened to look like a thicker eyeliner. The shape and structure of your eye will depend on what styles of eyeliner you are able to get done. Some of the benefits of getting permanent eyeliner are that it is smudge proof and waterproof, and It will accentuate your eye shape and eye color. When deciding the color of your eyeliner we take the color of your skin’s undertones into consideration. We can do black, brown, purple, blue or any variant you are looking for! You won’t need to apply Eyeliner every day after, therefor cutting your beauty routine time. Most clients choose to get their eyeliner touched up yearly to every other year.

We DO NOT recommend doing permeant eyeliner to your lower lash line. In your lower lash line you have tear ducts and IF the ducts were to be affected, they could cause you to make tears constantly for the rest of your life. If you also had an issue in the opposite direction, it can cause permanent dry eye. It is a very risky procedure and can leave you with lifelong negative consequences. The only people who would be a candidate for this procedure would be the type of people who would NEVER step out of the house without lower eyeliner on.

Eyelash enhancement is a subtle eyeliner tattoo application. This application gives the appearance of thickened eyelashes. The process is typically between an hour to two hours per session. During the process you will be numbed, so most clients find this process to typically to be a 2-3 on the pain scale. The day after your appointment I recommend taking it easy, because your eyelids will swell. Lash line enhancement is good for most eyes.

Basic eyeliner includes a lash line enhancement as well as a thin line above the natural lash line. This line can be thinner to thicker. This procedure also takes about 1-2 hours. You will be numbed during the process. You will swell the day after. We recommend icing your eyelids to help with the swelling. You may need a perfection session or multiple to get the results you desire. Basic eyeliner is good for most eyes.

Winged eyeliner is a procedure that will give you a winged eyeline look much like Kat-Von-D or Amy Winehouse always has, the only difference is yours won’t wash off. Winged eyeliner is based off of your eye shape, and you can only go out as far as the first crease you have on your lids. If you want to go past the crease as time goes on your eyeliner can start to droop as your face ages. Because it is a permanent service typically will be with you for years to come. We want to give you the best possible outcome for your specific anatomy. Winged eyeliner also includes a lash enhancement. Which gives you the appearance of fuller and thicker lashes.

Foxy liner is a type of permanent eyeliner that gives the appearance of an eyeshadow. This technique is great for people who have thinning or no eyelashes. Clients with alopecia typically choose this type of eyeliner to give off the look of having eyelashes from afar. This type of liner typically takes 3-4 hours to perform and just like the rest of the types of the lashes you will be numbed before and during the procedure. You will also swell the most the day after, so we recommend taking it easy the next day. Just like winged eyeliner you can only go out as far as the first crease in your eyelid.

Lip blushing is a procedure to give your lips either a lipstick like appearance or to color correct and  neutralize the natural color of the lip.  Lip blushing focuses on altering the color of your lips to give you a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. The typical lip blushing procedure takes about 3 hours. With lip blushing you will be numbed after the first pass. Most people find this lower on the pain scale but If you have very sensitive teeth, you may find it a bit more painful. In some cases, we will have you wear a mouth guard during the procedure to help with tooth and gum sensitivity.  We also recommend not drinking any caffeine for 24 hours prior to your appointment time. This keeps your nerve endings as non-active as possible keeping it more painless for you! In this procedure we cannot go outside of your natural mucosa. Meaning we can not go outside of your natural lip line. If you have a cleft lip repair or certain scaring there are exceptions to this rule. We would need to set up a consultation in this case to discuss further options. Before the procedure we do recommend using a lip scrub starting a few weeks before your appointment if you can, which removes any dead skin from the lip making ink implantation go a little bit smoother and simpler. Typically, the appointment will start out by hearing about your desired color choice for your lips. We then may swatch a few colors to give you an idea of what your outcome will be. Once you approve the color, we will then map your lip structure. Once we have your lips mapped, we will then start the procedure. If you have ever had a previous cold sore you will need to be on an antiviral medication that needs to be prescribed by your physician. This is incredibly important to insure the healing process of your lips. After your procedure you will be given aftercare and properly instruct you on how to use it. Most clients choose to get perfection sessions to achieve their desired look, however the procedure usually lasts 3-5 years before it fades out of your lips. If you want to keep up, your lip blushing long term yearly-18-month perfection sessions would be beneficial.

Is this service Right for you?

The short answer of this question is that not everyone is suitable to have PMU (permanent makeup)  done. There are reasons that we can’t treat everyone. Here are a list of contraindications for permanent makeup services, if you have not heard of the term contraindication before, it’s a condition or factor that would make a permanent makeup procedure dangerous to perform.

There are certain contraindications for all types of brows, lips and eyeliner services. If you are taking blood thinners, are a diabetic, have a healing disorder, active skin condition or have other certain types of health issues it is best to contact your healthcare provider to get preapproved to get permanent makeup services. For the above we do ask that you provide a written authorization from your doctor before we can proceed.

All clients who are pregnant or still currently nursing cannot get any permanent makeup services. This is because the shock to your body from the trauma of the treatment can actually cause you to loose the baby. If you are still nursing and catch an infection it can be transmitted to your child. While these complications are rare they are easily prevented by waiting.

●If you have had botox or any other facial injectables in the last 2 weeks. You should always get your botox done before you get your PMU done and make sure it has settled. It typically takes about 2 weeks for facial injectables to settle into your skin.

●If you are Accutane, Cortisone, Retin-a or Renova or on steroids its best to wait a full year being off the medicine before you get permanent makeup. These medications usually lead to the thinning of skin if used long-term, thus making it easy for ink to get implanted to deep into your skin leaving your results appearing grey to blue.

●Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, undiagnosed rashes or blistering in the permanent brow area. Any skin condition such as the ones mentioned can complicate the healing of permanent make up. It does not necessarily mean we can’t perform the procedure but a consultation is necessary to discuss our options.

●Please wait 6 months after your last Chemotherapy treatment.

●If you have any known allergies to any products used during the procedure. Please let your technician know about them beforehand.

●Uncontrolled high blood pressure. This can cause you to bleed more during the procedure. The more you bleed the more likely you are to scab, causing the ink to fall out leaving you with poor healed results.

●Active shingles.

●Autoimmune diseases can slow down the healing of a permanent make up procedure ultimately putting you more at risk of an infection or poor healed results.           

●If you have spider veins, birthmarks or scaring in the procedure area. It would be best to do a consultation beforehand to see if you are a candidate for permanent makeup.

●If you are under the age of 18 your facial structure can change. It is best to wait until you over 18 to make sure your facial structure is not going to continue changing after the procedure is finished.

●For Lips: If you have ever had a previous Cold sore you do need to take an antiviral medication before and after your treatment. You can get the prescription from your doctor by letting them know you will be having a treatment done that will cause trauma to your lips.

●For Eyes: If you have a stye, red eye or any eye disease.

AHAs (lactic, Glycol citric, retinoid and tartaric acid) or any over the counter creams and lotions for tone correction, anti-aging and exfoliation can fade and discolor your permanent makeup.